4. Search for the Salvatores

Once they have found their lead lady TVDThe essential triangle required the male component. This was no easy task.

Julie stated that “we looked high and low for Stefan and Damon to cast,” and noted Nina had “did chemistry after chemistry was read with multiple actors”, Julie added.

Actors who have read both (or sometimes both) roles are not uncommon. roles? Zach Roerig(Who would then go on to portray Matt Donovan). Michael TrevinoWho would play Tyler Lockwood? Nathanial Buzolic (later cast as Kol), and 7th Heavenstar David GallagherJulie acknowledged that the latter was the case, saying, “He impressed me so much at first…but then the whole thing.” 7th HeavenIt makes me wonder if he will ever get over that.” After seeing him, she would cast him as werewolf. Super 8.)

Finally, the men found them. 

“Paul and Ian came in late to the audition process. Julie stated that Paul auditioned 15 times and Ian appeared completely random. For her part, Nina recalled Paul (who first read for Damon!) standing out from the rest of the guys reading opposite her in the chemistry reads: “The only one who wasn’t trying too hard, that didn’t speak to me at any point unless we were filming, was Paul Wesley—so it’s funny to think that he did the right thing,” she told EW.