The Pride Month is coming to an end. Elizabeth Corrigan is opening up about her sexuality.  

It Bachelor alum shared that she is queer while sharing a photo of herself wearing a rainbow top in an Instagram post. “It’s hard to know the right way to say these things, or the right time,” Elizabeth wrote on June 26. This morning, I was thrilled to be able to witness my first Pride in NYC. The moment I got out of bed, I was anxious. I felt overwhelmed. Do I feel ready? No. Am I scared? Yes.”

The 33-year old posted her fears about coming out, but she said that “I am always have been and will always be bisexual.”

Elizabeth said, “Every time I share this information with someone else I feel fear.” It could endanger a business deal, make somebody uncomfortable or cause me to be excluded from my family.

Despite her worry in discussing her sexuality, she said that what’s more important to her is to unapologetically be herself: “Authentic. Genuine. Raw.”