While Squid Game creator, writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk remained very secretive about the plot of season two, he said a plan is firmly in place.

“I am working on the treatment. “I have about 30 pages,” he stated. I have the entire game and all of its characters and stories. 

Hwang Donghyuk believes that while the games form the heart of the series’ success, the most difficult part of his creativity is coming up with them. 

It’s difficult to turn a kids’ game into a serious one,” he stated. Seasons one and two were not an easy task. It was difficult to decide which games to use. This is still a very difficult task. Six new games were needed, and I was forced to create them. We’ll have to wait and see. 

Don’t expect any secrets about season two to start floating around, as Hwang Dong-hyuk is being incredibly protective of his material—even when it comes to members of his own cast.

He said, “Confidentiality” is what he finds most challenging. Except for Seong Gi-hun’s main character, I do not believe the other supporting characters will receive the entire script. There could be spoilers regarding the games. If actors only appear in one role, I will just give them that portion of the script.”

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In May, Hwang Dong-hyuk told Variety that the second season of Squid GameIt is unlikely that the film will premiere before 2023.