Urban Decay Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette Review

One shopper said, “I love these colors!” The packaging is simple and elegant, perfect for daily use. This packaging is elegant and original. The packaging is unique and sleek. It’s vegan, super pigmented. It was great for wedding looks and stayed put all night.

Another said, “The look possibilities you have with this makeup are limitless and timeless. It also gives you in-season fresh looks.” It is very pigmented and easy to mix. Everything in this palette is amazing and I absolutely love it.

“Lovely colors, simple to mix, excellent pigments, fun packaging. I really enjoyed the palette. These shades are very wearable, but they can be adventurous as well. Fair price,” wrote someone.

Urban Decay customers raved about the palette: “I love it!” Although I have never liked green eyeshadows, I was a convert when I first tried them. The natural shadows are gorgeous too. It’s super pigmented, it’s a must-have for girls!”

One reviewer said, “This eyeshadow palette was so beautiful. The packaging is beautiful and I like the opening of the palette. The packaging is different from any other urban decay product, and it’s also very unlike anything that has been released by other brands. It’s flawlessly applied to my eyes and looks absolutely stunning. This eyeshadow palette is highly recommended.