No storm can damage Todd ChrisleyRelationship with Julie Chrisley.

You can find the following: Chrisley Knows Best stars await their sentences after being found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud, the couple is sharing how the legal drama has affected their marriage. Todd says he has never felt closer to his wife in 26 years.

Todd stated that it had brought him closer to his wife from a personal perspective on the podcast episode of July 29. Chrisley Confessions. “I feel like my marriage—for me personally, internally—is the strongest that I’ve felt it’s ever been.”

He said, “For first time in my entire life, I feel that my marriage is feeding an aspect of me that was hungry.”

Julie agreed with this sentiment.

Julie stated that she and her husband have been together since the beginning. It’s you against me, the way I feel. This season, for us both, has taught us that life is not just about what we and our plans are. It’s God’s plan.