After over a decade of working in reality television, Elan Gale It is showing that there are still first times for everything.

FBoy IslandIn season 2, the fifth episode featured surprise from viewers when one of three lead actors was not aired. Tamaris SepulvedaOne of her suitors and a mate. Aaron Spady. You might be wondering, why would you want to see a reality series of dating competitions? NotHave a romantic evening?

“Unfortunately, it was incredibly boring,” a title card explained. Here are 10 seconds of abs. The message read: “Thanks for watching!”FBoy Island. We are back with our show.

It was unbelievable. It was amazing. The best part was that it was f–king funny.

Gale is the creator of FBoy IslandAfter years of being one the best executive producers for the Bachelor franchise, you can thank him for that.Bachelor in Paradise!() said that he felt “really nervous” about pulling off the feat, despite its absurd tone.