What do you do when the clubs are closed, your friend is getting married, and needs a last fling before the ring? Throw an epic bachelorette party from home!

As we all know, life is unpredictable.

One day you’re preparing for a night on the town with the girls, and the next, you suddenly have to change your plans because the city has shut down. You don’t want to let the bride-to-be walk down the aisle without her final hurrah!

What’s a girl to do?

Just because you have to stay home doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible night with your best friends. Here’s how you can plan a bachelorette party in your living room from start to finish.

Talk Things Over with the Bachelorette

Set up a meeting with your bestie to get her ideas on how she’d like the night to go.

This may not be the party either of you envisioned, but if you pay attention to what she wants for her final fling, you’ll pull off an event to remember.

Go through the wedding guest list and find out who she wants to invite.

For something this intimate, the list is going to end up on the smaller side. Maybe it’ll just be the bridesmaids, but she may want to invite others that aren’t in the wedding party. Make sure you get all their contact information.

Discuss the vibe of the party, so you know how upscale things need to be.

Your living room is a versatile venue. You can throw anything from a slumber party to a cocktail party, depending on what the bachelorette wants. Knowing this will help you plan the theme, the food, the games, and everything in between.

Send Out Invites

No party is complete without cute invitations. 

Bachelorette party invitations are second only to the actual wedding invitations. They let people know to save the date for this momentous occasion and give them the chance to RSVP, so you know how many people to plan for.

Make sure you put all the need-to-know details on the invitation.

Is it a pajama party or more of a dress-up affair? Does everyone need to bring their favorite snack or money to order food? Are they responsible for part of the night’s fun — board games, movies, etc.? 

Don’t leave anyone guessing about the important stuff, and get them all stoked for party time!

Pick Out the Decorations

First and foremost, figure out if there’s a theme and what it is.

You don’t need a theme past “bachelorette party” if you don’t want one. This is something you probably talked about with the bachelorette before planning anything. Bachelorette party themes range from the mundane to the magical, so consider your friend’s personality when you’re coming up with one.

Choose coordinating decorations to deck out your living room in style.

Don’t forget to find something special for the bachelorette to wear to the party. It is her night, after all. Veils and sashes are the typical bachelorette party attire for the honored guest, but a pin or a shirt would work just as well.

If you’re planning to get shirts for everyone coming, make sure you get their sizes well in advance, so you have time to order them.

Decide on Your Party Games

No bachelorette party would be complete without party games.

So you can’t do a city-wide scavenger hunt or find out who can collect the most phone numbers before the end of the night. Yet, you can still have fun in the comfort of your own home!

Board games are perfect for a living room party. You know you want to break out the twister mat. 

Games explicitly made to suit a bachelorette party aren’t hard to cook up either. Stick up a poster of a celebrity you all love and use lip-shaped stickers to try pinning a kiss on them. Create a quiz to find out who knows the bachelorette the best.

You can even set up a photo booth area with cute props for endless selfies!

Plan a few small prizes to hand out to game winners throughout the night to add to the fun.

Arrange for Plenty of Food

Get your food of choice in order before the big night, so no one goes hungry. This is one step you don’t want to skimp on.

There are all kinds of directions you can take with food depending on your style of party. Whether it’s a huge pizza delivery, a snack food potluck, or catering from a nice restaurant in town, your guests will be so happy to be fed.

It’s even possible to hire a chef to cook a five-star dinner in your home.

Designate the food to the kitchen or dining room where it will stay out of the way until it’s time to chow down. Or set up a table in the living room with all the essentials so guests can snack as they please.

Oh, and don’t forget the mixed drinks, bubbly, or mocktails!

Involve Something Cute From the Fiance

Get their fiance involved some time during the night as a reminder of what you’re all celebrating.

A sweet video message for the bachelorette from their future spouse never fails to bring on butterflies. A Q&A where the bachelorette tries to guess their answers right is a lot of fun for everyone.

Their fiance can send a gift to the party, so they have a part in the festivities.

Whether it’s a handwritten letter or something uniquely personal to the honored couple, it’s sure to make your best friend smile.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

When the night is all said and done, send the girls off with a little parting gift to remember how much fun they all had.

Party favors are whatever you imagine, from sunglasses to wear for a summer wedding to a hangover kit for the day after the party. They’re always a lot of fun and make sure everyone goes home with a little something other than a hangover.

In Conclusion

There’s a particular idea in most people’s heads about what a bachelorette party traditionally looks like. It usually involves a lot of cocktails and sometimes even a costumed exotic dancer!

But taking a moment to celebrate your friend with the closest people to her is what the bachelorette party is really about.

You can do that anywhere.

Just because the bachelorette party is going on in your living room doesn’t make it any less of a party. So take a deep breath and get to work on all those plans. It’s going to be a fantastic night!

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