How To Make Your Home Look Like A Celebrity's

While most of us wish we had the resources and money that A-list celebrities have, that’s just not the reality. Many people are working with a much lower budget when it comes to their home or apartment, but even if you aren’t rolling in cash, there are still ways to make your living space look expensive and magazine-worthy.

While you might have to be resourceful and creative, there are some tips you can follow to upgrade where you live to make it look more like a celebrity abode. So, if you want to have your home look like champagne on a beer budget, here are some ideas to get you started.

Upgrade The Small Details

Instead of starting with extensive remodels that take a lot of time and money, you can focus on the tiny elements around your dwelling. One idea from decorating experts is to start with the fixtures. You can change up the lighting or replace the hardware on your drawers and cabinets. While this can add up, some vintage or secondhand options can give your home character while still looking fancy.

Change Up The Paint

The color of your walls and doors can impact the vibe of your house or apartment. While a fresh coat of paint, in general, will make the house look newer, you should consider trendy shades such as a bold peacock blue or more calming sage green. You don’t even have to paint the entire home or room but could instead focus on an accent wall.

Another quick fix is to paint the door a different color, but if you live in an apartment, you may need to check with your property manager to ensure you’re not breaking any rules.

Incorporate Rugs

Taking out the carpet to put in hardwood is a big expense, but you can change the appearance of your flooring with various rugs. While rugs aren’t usually cheap, especially if they are larger options, you can shop around for used ones. There are some great finds out there at thrift stores and other secondhand places.

Going the used route will also ensure that your home looks one-of-a-kind. With a deep clean, you can get an old rug looking new again.

Go For A Clean, Bright Aesthetic

One of the fastest ways to make your property look high-end is to go with a white color palette and keep your place looking clean and shiny. While you may have an older home or apartment, there are some simple tricks from HGTV to get the clean look, such as:

  • Use fake marble products. While marble is a pricey material, many big box stores carry side tables or other furniture with fake marble looks.
  • Try some white blankets and accents: Add some fresh linens to the home without replacing everything by getting some throw pillows or comfy blankets to drape over your couch.
  • Add some mirrors: To create shiny, reflective surfaces that you often see on Instagram, you can thrift some old mirrors. It’s not too tricky to repaint or stain the frame of the mirror. Try arranging them in artful groups on one wall.

With these ideas at your disposal, you can upgrade the aesthetic to look more expensive in no time.

Play Up Your Personal Style

You can use the celebrities and influencer homes you love as inspiration, but you’ll also love where you live the most if you incorporate your own design style. Personalizing and being creative will make your home look great, and you’ll love the process.