When designing an interior, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the owners of the house. It should reflect their character, field of activity, and hobbies. If you’re wondering how to give a house an identity, read on.

Add “life” to the room

If in your opinion your home interior looks dull and boring, then add life and dynamics to the room. Some great examples of adding life into your design can include plants or animal figures throughout. Sometimes live pets don’t fit into our lifestyle or interests, luckily you don’t need a live animal to enjoy the life they can add to design. You can simply add their images and figures. For example, you can complement the room with decorative pillows in the form of a pet or a cartoon character. They can look relevant and stylish while adding life and a new dynamic to your home design. 

Replace the usual with the unusual 

The uniqueness of the interior can be attributed to objects of unusual shape. You can try hanging diamond-shaped shelves or an asymmetrical chandelier to see how your room can be transformed. The main thing is not to overdo it with unusual decorations. If there are too many of them, it will have the opposite effect on your interior. Choose a few pieces that stand out and add uniqueness and then design around them. 

Bring some history to your home

Updated versions of vintage items will bring sophistication to your interior. If the items are filled with positive memories from your past, it will give a double effect: pleasant and stylish. You have a few options when trying to add history to your design plans. You can choose old furniture and renew it, you can choose new furniture or decor that is fashioned off of old designs, or you can tie in your own old items that are good quality. 

Elements from another culture

If you like the traditions of another culture, you can also reflect this in your interior design plans. The number of cultural pieces is up to personal preference. You can choose a couple of items like dishes and figurines or you can do a complete imitation of culture and base the whole room or house design around your chosen design inspiration.

 Items that emphasize your personality

Decor that characterizes you as a person, emphasizing your hobbies and occupation will brighten up your expressionless interior. These can be musical instruments, sports equipment or photos. Not only will you take your interior design to another level, but you will also be honoring your unique life in the place that you call home. 

Color as an accent

You’ll want to avoid the room looking monotonous so consider choosing bright colors. For example, a yellow painting on a background of gray walls will stand out, thereby attracting attention. And your room will sparkle with new colors. The accent doesn’t only have to be artwork, but also a rug, jazzy pillows, a floor lamp, an armchair, or a whole wall.

Compatibility of opposites

Consider Combining several styles in one room, you will thereby give it sophistication and uniqueness, and also such a design can emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Eternal colors

Choose colors that will always remain fashionable and look stylish in your room. These colors usually include yellow and gray. Together they complement the decor, as yellow will “warm” the room, and gray will add to the dynamics of life. You can also use a combination of blue and white or classic beige with brown.

Rounded items

Rounded shapes never go out of fashion. They soften the interior, thereby giving the room comfort and peace. Round mirrors and chairs in the form of a ring always look beautiful.

Funny decor

Choose a statuette with erotic overtones, a vase in the shape of a human body or a sconce in the form of a naked girl – such pieces of furniture diversify your decor and are also well perceived by guests. However, it is important not to overdo it with such accessories, but to add them in limited quantities.

If you want to give the interior mystery, use frosted glass in furniture items. For example, a table covering made of such material or sliding doors in cabinets. You can also attach a backlight in the form of an LED strip, so the glass will look better.

Metal decor 

Stainless metal elements are often used in modern design. Coffee tables made of such material or wall decoration with metal inserts will look unusual and will add a uniqueness that most homes lack.


You can bring the warm and cozy essence of nature into your home by choosing wood pieces. Pieces of furniture made of wood or wall decoration can transform your interior. 


Granite and marble will always remain relevant. Stone is most commonly found in kitchens or bathrooms but can be used throughout. For example, making a coffee table from such material will look expensive while maintaining practicality.

Art objects and abstractions

The unusual shapes of sculptures will always attract the attention of guests, as well as emphasize the style and taste of the owner of the home. It is best to use one or two of these items in the room so that it looks harmonious.


Different surfaces in the interior will always look stylish and expensive. It also adds dimension and depth. Therefore, when buying pieces of furniture, always pay attention to the texture.


Change the decor of your rooms from time to time and don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, a simple change noticeably changes the mood of the entire interior. It may seem difficult at first glance, but after a couple of experiments, you will get quite a decent result.