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When carpets start to produce odor, it is typically a sign that mildew and mold are growing in your carpet. Furthermore, fibers present on the carpets play a significant role in producing odor on the mats as they attract and trap dust. Other factors that result in carpet odors include excess moisture and poor cleaning. Also as much as celebrities like Howard Stern encourage you to adopt a pet, those adorable fur babies can stain your carpet. Below are several tips that homeowners can use to remove odors from their carpets.

Surface odor extraction

There are two types of carpet odors; surface odor and deep odor. Surface odor occurs when you accidentally spill or drop something that can result in carpet odor. The first step to eradicating such odors is to use baking soda, which helps eliminate nasty smells.

To remove the odor, scatter the baking soda onto the affected area, and use a broom to force the powder into the carpet’s fibers. Remember, the more baking powder you use, the more effective it becomes. Leave the baking powder to settle for at least a day to two before getting rid of it. Remember to use a broom to sweep off the top layer and vacuum to eradicate the remaining section.

If the baking soda fails to eliminate the odor, you can opt to generate an excellent cleaning solution with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. For total effectiveness, you can choose to add water and a small amount of liquid dish soap.

Pour or spray the mixture on the carpet in a uniform coat. Leave the deep cleaning mixture to sit for at least a day. However, ensure that you keep your kids away from the carpet and ensure the area is well ventilated.

If the smell persists, use vinegar mixed with an equal amount of water to eradicate the smell. Install the mixture in a spray bottle and apply the mixture to the affected area of the carpet. Leave the mixture to sit on the carpet for 30 minutes before using a dry cloth to dash the mix out.

You can also opt to use a cat litter to help treat your carpet of odor. The primary benefit of a cat litter is to absorb odor; thus, it will be useful in eradicating unpleasant odor from any carpet. To effectively and efficiently eliminate odor from your living room, strategically position the cat litter containers and ensure that you change the litter frequently.

Deep odor eradication

At times, odor on your carpet may be a result of spilled liquids that may be challenging to eradicate. When you want to remove such odors, you will require to mix vinegar with carpet shampoo or isopropyl alcohol. And you will be forced to either hire or purchase a carpet steamer.

To remove the smell, you will add the mixture into the carpet steamer and use it according to the manufacturer’s directives. If you have no experience using a steamer, you can contact a friend or a professional cleaner who will assist you attain your objectives and comfort.

However, when you find out that the liquid spillage has caused not only odor issues but also mold growth, contact professional cleaners for assistance. They will provide you with the necessary cleaning services and treat the affected area with caution.

You can also opt to use lemon as its acidity can help eradicate strong odors from your carpet. To use lemon as a carpet cleaner, mix the lemon juice with a little amount of warm water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spray it directly to the affected areas where the smell lingers.

Brush the affected area with paper towels or a dry cloth and bleach with soapy water. Place a floor fan on the field to ensure that the area dries completely and finishes with vacuuming it.

Nevertheless, the best way to prevent odor-buildup is by ensuring that your carpet is clean and fresh. You can attain this by providing that you vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent dust and dirt build-up that can cause carpet odors.