No one is going to be locked out of their residence for no reason, but this unlucky situation can happen all the time. Therefore, it is useful to have a spare key on hand to save you the trouble of panicking and reaching out to a locksmith. However, increased security comes with increased risk, particularly when you plan to hide spare parts outside your home. However, with careful planning, your spare key can be kept private and safely accessible to your home at all times. 

Why do you need spare keys?

You never have idea know what could happen with the objects you carry. Objects tend to go missing, keys can be damaged, lost, or worse, stolen. Irrespective of the reason, it’s nice to have a spare ones that you can easily get through the crisis in case you lose your keys. However,  burglars and inexperienced people can break into your home if you try to hide your keys somewhere on the premises. It calls for important questions such as: Where do you hide spare keys so that only you have access to them? 

Don’t use dumb methods

The same goes for thieves if you’ve seen the old practice of sticking keys in plastic bricks. Yes, they also have inkling about other spare key hiding places such as door sills, porch lights and  mailboxes. Keeping your spare key in a conspicuous place makes it easier for thieves. So if you’re trying to outsmart the scammers, you’ll have to look for less likely hiding spots other than doormats and flower pots.

So, what are the clever ways to hide the keys?

Disguising as Garden Objects: Fake stones are commonplace and obvious. But don’t worry.
Hide your keys around your property with innovative discreet key holder that disguises itself as regular lawn equipment. These containers can usually be found on the internet and include lawn sprinklers, fake drain caps and even fake electrical outlets. They are easy to overlook and will arouse considerable suspicion from those trying to track them down. 

Be Experimental: You don’t have to spend money on fake key chains to find a nifty hiding place on the premises. If you can trust your memory, you can put the key in an empty bottle, bury it in the grass, and mark the spot with a barely moving stone. If you stick a magnet to the back of the door knocker and leave some space under it to slip your key, the knocker will work too. It can also be kept in a kennel. Practically anything is possible as long as you think of a place you’ll never see and find a way to store your keys there. 

Hide your lockboxes: This may be the obvious way, but it’s probably the safest. A locker is a small container that can only be accessed by entering a code. Realtors often attach lockers to doorknobs, but you shouldn’t do that. Rather than hanging the container outside for everyone to see, consider burying it in a marked spot in your yard or hiding it under a bush. 

Going High: Spare keys are best kept out of reach, such as in bird feeders, inconspicuous places on trees, or noisy wind chimes. Getting the key out of the perch is even more troublesome. It makes very difficult for a thief as it will attract attention from neighbors and passersby. 

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