Mikayla’s TikTok content has clearly struck a chord with her 13 million followers, who eagerly watch her tutorials, reviews and hacks.

She said, “I don’t see any point in being dishonest.” We’ve become accustomed to dishonesty within the beauty industry. “I try to be authentic and raw.

In a July 22 TikTok, Mikayla pressed pause on the makeup videos to open up about her eating disorder and mental health struggles. It’s a subject she told CelebHomes News she wanted to normalize by sharing her story her fans.

She stated that she felt ashamed to talk about OCD, depression, anxiety and eating disorder all her life. “I was ashamed of it because it made me feel wrong. But I found out that it is not the right thing to do.”

She continued, “When I talked about my eating disorder, my comments blow me away by how many people were going through the same thing.”

Simply put, “If you talk about it we feel less isolated.” Talking about it is okay, you can feel sad and it’s fine to experience bad days. This is what I’m trying to normalize.