It’s pretty clear that Theo James won’t be returning for future seasons of Sanditon.

During the season two premiere, which aired on March 20, the Masterpiece PBS series revealed what happened to Theo’s Sidney Parker following the actor’s exit from the show. The new episode began with Sidney’s funeral. You read it correctly SanditonThe dashing Regency-era man was killed.

What happened to Sidney? After marrying Eliza Campion (Ruth Kearney) for her wealth, Sidney caught a fatal case of yellow fever and died in Antigua. As for how leading lady Charlotte Heywood (Rose WilliamsThe news was received by? The tragic news was delivered to her while she was dancing at a local party. This is a sure-fire party killer.

Sidney’s destiny is not surprising. As Sidney was beaten to death in May. Divergent actor confirmed that he wouldn’t be revisiting his SanditonSeason two role 

He said that he enjoyed playing Sidney and maintained his desire for the ending to be as satisfying. “The poor fairytale ending between Charlotte (and Sidney) is so different and unique that it’s fascinating to me. Sanditon“We wish you every success with your future series.”