It would be great if it was possible Eva LongoriaWe’d love to be back on Wisteria Lane anytime now. 

It has been 10 years since The Finale of Housewives in desperate need and if you’ve been missing the iconic friend group and watching John Rowland mow the Solis’ lawn shirtless, you’re not alone. Eva, who was the star of Gabrielle Solis’s role, recently revealed in an interview that she wants to reprise the ABC classic dramedy. 

“Believe me, I would be the first to sign up,” Eva said during an appearance on GoodDay New York “Like I am already on Wisteria Lane. I would be happy to sign you up.” 

But unfortunately, series creator Marc CherryHe isn’t so interested. Eva stated that Eva felt like he had fully explored the characters. Eva said that he was a kind of “Why now?” or “Why then, what would they do?”

She continued: “Plus, I’m 100-years old.” 

Eva is confident that Susan Mayer’s cuisine would be delicious if she could give us a fresh start!