Taika WaititiTake the Star Wars franchise in a new direction.

The Thor: Love and Thunder director is set to direct and write the newest Star WarsYou can expect some appearances from your usual cast members in the film. Instead, Taika is coming up with a whole new saga that stands apart from the original films by George Lucas.

“Look, I’m thinking for the Star Wars“For the universe to grow, it must expand,” he said recently. Total Film. “I’m not sure that I can be of any benefit in this.” Star Warsuniverse creating a film in which everyone is like “Oh great! Well that’s the blueprints of the Millennium Falcon. Oh that’s Chewbacca”!”

Of course, like the rest of us, Taika thinks the original concepts are great. He said that he would love to create new characters, and expand the universe. Otherwise, it seems like it is a small story.

Even though this may seem like an odd move by a franchise so popular, Star WarsLucasfilm President has given Taika his full support Kathleen Kennedy.