Sophia Bush and her fellow One Tree Hill co-stars don’t want to be anything other than positive when they reflect back on their years on the CW series.

Since last June, the 39-year-old, has co-hosted the popular, dishy iHeartRadio podcast Drama Queens With Hilarie Burton Bethany Joy LenzThe actresses discuss each episode of the hit TV series for teens in this video. The actresses also discuss the drama and misconduct that allegedly plagued the set, which included internal politics and alliances, feelings of discomfort over certain sex scenes, reported sexual harassment by creator Mark Schwahn (claims he’s never commented on) and accusations of general manipulation by adults.

Bush stated that this was for us about “reclaiming our show” in an interview Jan. 3. CBS Mornings. It was all about bringing back the joy, the power and getting rid of the garbage.

In the following: CBS News clip the next day, the actress shared of her time on One Tree Hill“You’ve got great memories and some less-than-ideal experiences.” But I think you know, so many people, not just in our industry, but many industries—you’ve heard so many people talk about the toxic work culture, and it’s a strange thing when you have kind of the good and the bad wrapped up in the thing that launched your career.”

CelebHomes News reached out to the CW for comment but received no response.