It’s never been so easy to nap!

Monday, January 4, Charlize TheronTo share a sweet moment with her youngest child, she took to Instagram August. The pic shows the mom, who is notoriously quiet, taking a nap with her nine-year-old daughter and one of their dogs.

The Oscar-winning actress captioned the photo, “New Year, Same Energy”. C’mon, 2022! Don’t be a bitch!

Apart from the Care Bears colourful blanket that her family gave her, she also shared photos of herself with friends on social media, including pals. January JonesThey were quick to spot August’s futuristic sunglasses.

“Omg, I bought xander the eye mask massager for Xmas,” said one of my customers. Mad MenThe actress spoke out in reference to her 10-year-old son. Xander Jones.

Chelsea HandlerAnother participant also commented, “Nice eyes shades, Auggie!”

Theron’s post included a second slide, featuring her four rescue dogs relaxing by the fire.

In July 2015, after having split with her boyfriend of 45 years, August was adopted by the couple. Sean Penn. Theron also has a 10-year old daughter. JacksonShe adopted her daughter, Alicia in March 2012.