Comps are now available. The OC can be sold is proving to be a valuable property.

The Selling Sunset spin-off series changes things up by bringing male agents into the Oppenheim Group offices. Fans will be able to meet the first season’s male agents in this series. Gio HelouTyler StanalandSean Palmieri Austin VictoriaAll of them are new to the Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office.

The truth is, they aren’t too much different to their female counterparts. But, you can ask! Jason Oppenheim, he’d say the men are a positive addition to the team when compared to the Sunset offices. “It’s co-ed. It’s not co-ed. Sunsets for SaleCelebHomes News spoke to him about his enjoyment of filming with these guys. They have given me some of my best days on film.

The male cast members feel that viewers cannot compare them because of the differences in the dynamics between the shows. Gio answered CelebHomes News when asked about concerns over comparisons. He said, “I believe this show will knock it out the park.” This is not an issue.