Marysol, after eight years off, admitted that “I’ve never thought about it.” [RHOM]”I was returning.”

It was not coming back after two or three years. Alexia [Echevarria]It’s coming back, I’m sure. It’s coming! Six years would pass. It has been six years. It is time for you to stop. It’s time to give up.

Marysol has been absent since our last visit. The Real Housewives of MiamiAfter she had given up her PR business, she married another man. Marysol believes she has the greatest change among all returning Housewives since Season 1.

My parents were very sick and I ran my business. She shared that she was “like a chicken that had its head chopped off and worried about many things.” “I just don’t worry about anything anymore…I’ve matured and I’m very strong. “I’ve grown up to be strong just like my mom.”

What is one thing that has not changed? Adriana de MouraThis is a major character who causes drama in this season’s episode (especially when it comes toLarsa PinpenMarysol stated that they were not in love, but are still “incompatible”.