The latest guarantee is from Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” JohnsonIt is truly a gem.
The 16.12. JumanjiStar celebrated the birth of his daughter JasmineCelebrate your big day by giving a sweet shout out and promising the greatest intangible gift of all dads.
Actor Jasmine shares a baby girl, 6 years. TianaWith wife, a 3, Lauren HashianThe caption captioned an Instagram picture of the father and daughter duo side-by-side, and described her as strong, sweet, independent and happy. She also said that she was creative and confident. And, most important, that she is loving and kind.”
“Wondering where she got that?” He continued. He continued, “I am proud of you. I have your back. As your father, my heart and hands will always guide through life. And finally, remember this, your mama @laurenhashianofficial ROCKS!! No one is better. There is no better woman to learn from and look up to than her. Have the best birthday! I am flying back tonight to pick you up after work.