The Cast of Queer as Folk knew they were creating something special. 

Peacock premiered this series June 9. It follows the story of New Orleans’ LGBTQ+ community as it reacts to a massacre at one of its favorite bars. The tragedy that began in tragedy becomes a celebration for resilience, sexuality, and diversity of representation. 

The on-screen queer diversity—trans, non-binary, deaf differently abled characters and actors from those communities playing the roles are featured—takes tokenism casting and throws it out the window. CelebHomes News spoke exclusively with the creator and cast of the show to explain why it matters.

“It feels like we are at a point in queerness, popular culture, where it is no longer the gay friend who gives advice to a girl about a salad.” Ryan O’ConnellJulian’s actor, Jeremy, stated. “It is exciting creatively to be in a position to explore all the nuances and queerness of being human and be full-fledged characters instead of holograms or our identity and suffering.”

Jesse James Keitel, who plays Ruthie, said the representation didn’t just make for a comfortable work environment—it also impacted the overall product. 

Queerness does not have to be portrayed on screen. “It’s really in the thread of this show,” she stated. It is in the makeup of the show. Having queer creators behind and in front of the camera—I mean look at the final product. You can feel authentic.