Prince Harry Meghan Markle‘s wedding, witnessed by millions of people, was a game-changer for Britain’s royal family.

The 2018 nuptials set an unprecedented bar for diversity, inclusiveness (relatively speaking, of course) and modernity, the divorced American actress bride ushering in a new era that gently floated into the chapel on the tail of her 16-foot-long silk veil.

But for all the nouveau moments that rattled the usual gilded cage, part of what we love about these royal extravaganzas, complete with fairy-tale love stories and castles and diamond-encrusted tiaras, is actually the consistency, the lack of change in certain arenas where, if it isn’t broken… there’s no need to fiddle with it.

This is an example: Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

In very modern fashion, they met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend (though if it were truly of the NowTheir third date took place in Botswana on a safari trip. This is a new concept for royalty, or celebrities. However, since both are in their 30s and Meghan is three years younger, they have almost every freedom and autonomy they need to go after it.