CelebHomes News: Since making your transition public, is there a moment that stands out as especially challenging?

Dylan Mulvaney: Around Day 10 I realized, Now I understand why trans people tend to keep it private.. All of a sudden I have millions of people commenting on my actions, what I should be doing, how I should dress, and what I should attempt. It’s a good thing in some ways. I enjoy having guidance. However, I need to ensure that I take ownership of the transition so it does not become public.

I also am nervous because people are starting to follow me as I look like now and a year or two from now I will look very differently. It is my hope that people will see me differently and be able to accept me for who I am. So, there are daunting things ahead and there have been so many challenges along the way.

CelebHomes: How do you deal with hearing all these opinions? 

DM:It’s something I have to constantly do. Is your appearance the best it can be? Sometimes I show myself not all dolled up, and that feels beautiful and vulnerable because I think there is a stigma, with trans women in particular, about always looking as feminine as possible. People should see women from a new perspective.