How Much of a Difference Can a Bidet Make?

Bidets in America are gaining popularity, ending decades of stagnant momentum. Some people talk about bidets as if they have the power to completely transform your life – but is this an exaggeration? Or are bidets really as valuable as they’re claimed to be?

Bidet-Using Benefits

A bidet can provide many benefits such as:

  • Universal utility. Bidets aren’t just for any one demographic; bidets are for everyone. Most adults will find it easy to learn how to use the bidet. You’ll soon be able to clean yourself comfortably every time. Bidets provide comfort and cleanliness for older people. Even children, even if they aren’t used to using toilet paper yet, can still benefit from bidets.
  • Cleaner.These devices offer the number one benefit of cleaning your car more thoroughly. We all intuitively know that paper is not a good choice. After cooking or eating a meal, you might wipe off your hands with a napkin or paper towel – but you’re not going to feel totally clean until you wash your hands thoroughly. Modern bidets are based on this principle. Instead of wiping your face with paper, you use a jet water to clean yourself.
  • Sensitivity to UTIs is reducedUTIs can be reduced by cleaning your body more often. Upgrade your bathroom with a bidet, especially if you have suffered from this infection in the past.
  • Sensitivity to hemorhoids is reducedToilet paper wipes can cause irritation. Wiping with toilet paper can cause hemorhoids in some individuals. A bidet can be used instead to prevent the occurrence of hemorhoids.
  • Comfortable.People don’t understand the discomfort of toilet paper. They don’t have any other experience. It may seem strange to feel a spray of water on your skin, but the experience is still more pleasant than using toilet paper. You will find that every visit to the toilet is much easier once you become accustomed to it.
  • Lower toilet paper cost Over the course of your lifetime, you’re going to spend an average of $11,000 on toilet paper. This is a large sum of money that you can spend on much better and more valuable items. Although the initial cost of installing a bidet is high, it can be paid off in months. You’ll save hundreds of dollars over the course of a few decades, even thousands.
  • Environmental protection. Bidets use some water but not much. You should instead focus on the amount of paper that you will use to wash your bidet. A dramatic reduction in paper usage will result in less destruction of the natural world and greater protection.

Other Considerations

These are just a few of the important things to keep in mind.

  • Forms and stylesMany are available types of bidets and styles of bidetsThere are many options. A standalone, traditional bidet can be purchased if your plumbing is available. An attachment to your current toilet seat can replace it. You can even get a standalone sprayer. You can find a model to suit your needs, regardless of what they are.
  • Easy installationEven if you don’t have any plumbing knowledge, modern bidets can be installed in minutes. You don’t need to do any major plumbing work to install a bidet, depending on which model you select. Instead you can simply follow the directions and have it installed in minutes.
  • Social dynamics. It’s also worth pointing out that people find bidets interesting; your bidet could be an excellent talking point in your next social gathering.

Is a Bidet Making a Big Difference?

The truth is, installing a bidet probably isn’t going to change your life forever – at least, not as significantly as something like starting a new career or marrying the love of your life. However, these devices can make a significant difference in your quality of life and help you save money for many years.

You won’t be disappointed by the benefits that a bidet offers, even though they are expensive. So if you have any curiosity about how your life might change after installing one in your bath, then it is worth investing in one.