Moving companies generally implement safety precautions and regulations to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries for their customers. But with the onset of the current COVID-19 pandemic, such regulations have also been updated to follow current global health protocols.

Regardless of the current public health situation, life goes on for many, including those who need to move houses. Thus, if you belong to this section of the population, it’s important to be aware of what you’re doing when hiring a moving company, given this ‘new normal.’ And with so many moving companies in the industry, it’s essential to hire the best one that also follows these new protocols. 

Many companies like All N 1 Stop Moving and Storage now have ways to ensure that they’re operating safely and fully compliant with health regulations. Check the following list to see how these moving companies abide by these updated health guidelines:

1. They Have Appropriate Training

Employees of moving companies are generally required to have an appropriate level of training regarding safety measures when conducting their jobs. This training could include familiarity with handling specific emergency equipment and conducting response procedures in the event of an accident. They must also have training in handling hazardous chemicals or responding to an emergency related to such elements. Some go the extra mile and have their employees undergo CPR training as a precautionary measure should they get into an accident while performing their duties. 

With today’s global situation, the training is geared toward knowing how to enact the revised health-related protocols regarding customer experience. On top of the usual training, check if the company’s employees know how to do social distancing properly, whether they’re minimizing their physical contact with their customers. Ask their protocol regarding these and their other pandemic-related measures regarding their conduct while on the job. 

2. They Possess Proper Documentation

Moving companies are now required to provide written safety records to all of their clients. This document will contain a summary of the safety precautions they will undertake during the move. They will even provide details about the type of safety equipment and protective clothing the movers will be using. This document should also include the names of all employees assigned to a particular client. 

All of these documents should be signed by their supervising manager, with a copy to be provided to their clients. If you receive these papers, they should be kept in a safe place where they are accessible to all members of your family. These will help you check or know who is on top of things at all times.

3. They Disinfect Their Trucks

With the ‘new normal’ due to the pandemic, it’s imperative that everyone take the most basic up to the most thorough measures to limit their potential exposure to this virus. Thus, one heightened practice that moving companies are now implementing is disinfection.

Typically, these companies will have stocked commercial-grade cleaning products to utilize when cleaning all their moving trucks. But with the heightened need to be thorough, disinfecting before and after a job is not only safe for the customers but also a safety measure for the employees. 

Check to see if the company complies with these measures. If the company wants to maintain high standards, they should have adopted the practice of disinfecting their trucks inside and out to lower the risk of exposure. 

4. Employees Wear The Appropriate PPE 

Most movers generally wear protective clothing while they move your items, such as heavy-duty gloves or boots. This type of gear is designed to protect them from typical job hazards. But with the onslaught of the virus, moving companies have also escalated their safety measures regarding this matter. These days, the focus is on wearing PPE or personal protective equipment, a gear kit that now includes a face mask and other necessary protection for the respiratory system, the eyes, ears, and the hands. 

Perhaps this is the most crucial step when you choose the right moving company as you and your family will be exposed to these movers during certain times. Since they are very mobile, these workers and their equipment are exposed to other people and go through several places. Thus, checking to see if they’re wearing the appropriate PPE would help with your peace of mind.


When considering what this pandemic has done and how it has affected current society, it’s vital that everyone takes these steps to ensure their safety. When movers are helping a client with their move, the transaction inevitably puts both parties directly with some possible risk of exposure. Thus, being part of the group of essential businesses, it makes sense that moving companies should adapt and ensure the safety of everyone involved.