Hord was married again last year, and they shared an expression that she treasures from her husband. Axel Johnson, which is that “‘Good things happen for a reason'”—as opposed to the old “everything happens for a reason,” which she finds suspect.

But she firmly believes that when life comes calling with its challenges, nothing more is required than what’s already within us.

Hord claimed that he doesn’t think there is a grief index. It’s very easy to just look at Hord and think, “Oh, that’s impossible.” We all face things in life that make it difficult.

Although she said that her goal was to become a source and strength for others, she did add, “I didn’t choose this.” People wrote me letters to say that Michelle had been absent for years and they were shocked when I heard you address Gabrielle’s funeral. “Michelle, it was inspiring to see you get up every morning and go to work. It was then that I realized my own heart wasn’t holding the light of hope for others. This wasn’t about me. It was about honouring her spirit, and possibly giving hope to others.