Mark WahlbergYou are a lover not a fighter.  

While you are visiting The Ellen Show The following is the content as of Thursday, February 17, 2017. Uncharted Actor revealed that he is devoted to his 18-year old daughter and has only love for her. Ella RaeThe current relationship. 

If Ellen DeGeneresMark was quick to dismiss the question of Ella’s boyfriend being afraid by her famous father. 

He’s probably more afraid of his daughter than of me, I think. I pray for him more than I pray for her in that relationship,” the 50-year-old actor jokingly replied. He couldn’t have been sweeter. “They are perfect for one another and they’re so happy together.”  

As a parent, Mark shared that he “realized early on” that dating would just be an “inevitable” part of reality as his four children—Ella, Michael, 15, Brendan13, Grace, 12—all continue to grow up. 

So, instead of dreading the thought, the actor focused on what matters most in a relationship, saying he was OK with his daughter dating “as long as it’s somebody who’s nice and treats her well, and somebody that I can trust and respect.”