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It seems like everyone has the same experience of being told by a hairdresser to stop washing their hair too often. Hair experts have recommended that our hair should be washed only once a week. However, is this really possible? For someone who exercises every day, it seemed difficult to achieve this goal. 

Jordan Potter (style director at HOB Salons), stated to Women’s Health Magazine that the majority of research shows washing hair can be detrimental. He said this in 2020. Jordan stated that shampoos can strip hair of natural oils, and conditioners cannot replace those. 

Kim Kardashian’s way of doing things is my favorite. I learned that your hair can be trained to produce less oil if you wait longer between shampoos. According to Kim Kardashian, she washes her hair about once a week or every five days. Kim and her team of beauty professionals will design different hairstyles depending on how long it’s been since she was last washed. If my hair is in dire need of a wash, I find that a low, sleek bun works well. 

My journey to less hair washing? TikTok. Surprised? Jonathan Van Ness not only founded JVN Hair, but also shares amazing tips for at-home hair care on TikTok. JVN answered a question about how to detox your scalp for those who exercise every day. JVN shares some tips on how to style your hair without heat. A bonus of my hair being less dirty is the fact that it doesn’t need to be dried with heat every day. 

While I still haven’t been able to let my hair go for more than a week without washing it, I am now using products to make that happen.