How many houses do you have? Those of us who are mere mortals generally tend to only have one. Some of us might even be renting and not own our own house. But Drake has many houses that he can attest to and they put even the grandest mansions to shame. The life of celebrities is often so divorced from our own experiences and their houses are no exception.

Here’s all about Drake’s House and where does Drake live?

Who is Drake?

Drake whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham – is a Candian singer, rapper and socialite. Although he is Candian by birth, he is also a dual American citizen. Drake started his career in television, as an actor. He played Jimmy on Degrassi: The Next Generation,
a television drama for children that first aired in 1979.

It was this that launched his rapping career and launched him to stardom in the mid-2000s. Today he is a household name who works on many projects including businesses in-between writing his next album and living it up in his two houses. He has recently signed with live-streaming platform Caffeine.

Up Into the Hills

Like many famous musicians, Drake has a house in Los Angeles which he named the Yolo Estate. It’s a reference to its original name: the Yoho estate. It seems everything goes at Drakes house. Drake’s California playhouse is estimated to be worth nearly $8 million.

It has more bathrooms 10 – than it does bedrooms. Perhaps Drake and his guests like to spend more time in the bath, relaxing than they do fully clothed and in the house.

But if you think 6 bedrooms sounds relatively modest then you’ll be forgetting about the 3 acres of land that comes with the house – space for a swimming pool, a tennis court, viewing platforms and even a waterfall.

Inside, the house resembles a country villa with wooden panels covering the cinema room, gym and wine cellar. This is where does Drake live.

The Canadian Dream

Drake also has a house in Toronto, Canada, like many North York Movers who love Canada. The house is great for when he fancies a trip back to the homeland. It’s cheaper to build a house here so Drake went to town with a home that spans 40,000 feet.

Clad all in white on the outside, the inside is tall and includes a great hall for hosting lavish parties. Connected to the hall is a piano room for performances.

Drake clearly loves his bathrooms as the theme continues in this home which is resplendent with its own in-house spa as well as a gym, music room, snack room and movie screening room.

Drake’s House is a Dream

If you ever wonder where the rich and famous hang out then it’s their own palatial mansions that they’ve built for themselves. Drake is no exception. Both his house in Canada and his L.A mansion are fitted out with all the equipment and spaces he needs to relax and to write his music.

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