Magic JohnsonNot only is it about leaving a lasting legacy at the court but in the hearts and minds of others. Gabrielle UnionAnd Dwyane Wade.

Interview with Cathy on April 21, Entertainment TonightGabrielle, Dwyane and Dwyane discussed how Cookie JohnsonMagic and Magic as parents to their son EJ Johnson—who publicly came out as gay in 2013—helped shape their journey with Zaya Wade14-year-old identifies as transgender and publicly reveals that in 2020.

It’s about being patient, putting family first, and loving each member of the family with equal love. Gabrielle shared that the people showed her how to do it. “They were the first people we called, ‘OK, we’re moving to L.A., what school do you guys think is the best school for Zaya?’ They gave us the blueprint.”

Dwyane believes that Magic is an idol to him as a parent.

“When I seen a Black man, a professional athlete, stand up proud of his child, no matter what they’re doing in life, just being proud of who they are and who they’ve come to be,” Dwyane said, “it makes it easier for me to say, ‘I saw one of my idols do it, a big brother, I can do the same.'”