Let’s get into the choreography behind Doja CatCoachella 2022 (Yuh)

Doja Cat’s Coachella performance, later referred to by her fans as “Dochella,” wouldn’t be possible without choreographers or dancers that brought Doja Cat’s music to life. During the first weekend of the music festival, choreographers Fullout CortlandAnd Ebony WilkinsThe Coachella stage was transformed with an army of dancers, and an attitude-filled crowd. 

The way people thought that I was crazy when I stated I wanted to build Coachella a mountain! Ebony posted an Instagram caption on April 20, 2018. EveryONENelebHomes is so proud! I was supported by my team like nothing else!

As Doja Cat prepares for Sunday’s Weekend 2, the Grammy-winning performer will take to the stage once again.


Ebony shared a behind-the-scenes look at the rehearsals and captured the “love” that went into making a mountain out of dancers for the intro of Doja’s song “Options.” In the footage, a group of dancers moved across the stage together, connected by each other’s arms until they ebbed and flowed into a single peak.