“Then, when I saw him on your show, he was a total pro at denying it,” he joked, referencing when the actor visited The Tonight Show in September. “But…he had to get there.” 

Miranda wasn’t the only person Garfield kept secret about Garfield’s appearance in The Movie. What was the time? Emma Stone, whom Garfield dated for four years and who played his Spider-Man’s love interest Gwen Stacy, asked if he was at all involved with the new project, the actor remained tightlipped. 

Garfield stated that Emma kept texting him, and that she would continue to do so. Josh Horowitz‘s Happily Confused podcast. “She said, “Are we in this new?” Spider-Man film?’ ”  

Garfield stated that Stone didn’t like his antics when the movie came out in December. Garfield said that she saw the film and thought Stone was a complete jerk. 

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