What does it mean to win an Oscar? You can read more about it here. Youn Yuh-JungNot so.

Before the 2022 Oscars we met with the Minari actress, who won the Best Supporting Actress trophy at the 2021 awards show and asked her to shed light on her post–Academy Awards life. Youn says that her life was mostly normal once she won her Oscar. However, there is one important difference. People believe she’s richer than ever.

Specifically, one female fan ended up on Youn’s doorstep asking for money. Youn shared the story exclusively with CelebHomes News: “She was kneeling on the street, begging for money.” She wanted money. They claim that I won the American award, but then say I’m owed money by the Oscars.

Youn even noted that she had to tell her assistant at home that no cash prize was offered by the Oscars. To which her helper replied in surprise, “Oh, you didn’t get any money from them? That big money award should have given you everything.”