Amanda shared her emotions with CelebHomes News in the aftermath of her conservatorship being terminated. Wonderful news.”

She is represented by her mother’s attorney. Tamar ArminakCelebHomes News was also informed by Lynn that Lynn is “very happy and proud” of Amanda, and that Amanda has made great progress in her conservatorship.

“Lynn is looking forward to Amanda’s engagement and everything that follows,” the attorney said, “and to having a mother-daughter relationship rather than a conservator-conservatee relationship.”

What’s the next step for Amanda? A source claims that Amanda will be able to continue her work after the election. What a Girl Really Wants actress—who shared news of her engagement to boyfriend Paul Michael in 2020—is renting an apartment with her husband-to-be and has already signed a lease for a new home. 

The insider also told CelebHomes News that Amanda, who has an associate’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, plans to move forward with her perfume line, which will “be the first project she dives into on her own now that she’s free of the conservatorship.”