Congratulations! Congratulations!

COVID-19 had put an end live entertainment. Now your favourite artists can hit the road to entertain fans safely and with brand new experiences and tours. No matter where you live, all tickets are available to each must-see concert. CelebHomes Backstage Pass is now open.

This is the first time that this has happened in so long. Lauren AlainaFeeling good!

As many other artists, Lauren was heartbroken when she couldn’t perform live due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lauren, however, was able kick-off her career on February 24. Top of the WorldSilver Springs, Md.

Lauren exclusively shared the following with CelebHomes News: “I have toured since 2001 and to lose that experience was just terrible.” Lauren spoke exclusively with CelebHomes News prior to opening night. “I want to perform on that stage. It is an integral part of me and my physical existence.