A child star’s life is full of challenges and ups. Josh PeckHe knows that he is fortunate to have survived child stardom.

His success was a direct result of the successes of his friend and fellow Nickelodeon star. Jennette McCurdyThis is a tell-all memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, the actor dished all about his own child star trials and tribulations exclusively on CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop.

“I am really fortunate to have a wonderful mom who kind of instilled this solid foundation for me very early on,” said the How I Met Your Father star told Daily Pop‘s Justin SylvesterAs a guest host Jessie James DeckerOn August 24,

And not like his pair of goody two sneakers Drake & JoshCharacter Josh Nichols: Peck did a few naughty things during Nickelodeon, which is a subject he addresses in his book. Anannoying People Who Are Happy are the HappiestThe album was released in April.

“I sort of detail in the book that I certainly went through my three or four years of totally sowing my wild oats, being a cliché, having some regrettable behavior,” he shared. He said, “It was all before the advent of cameras.” “I was fortunate.”