This is us having our minds blown by Jon Huertas.

CelebHomes News has an exclusive interview where the celebs discuss their lives. This is Us star revealed that his character, Miguel Rivas—best friend to Jack Pearson (Milo VentimigliaJack (and eventually his second husband), Rebecca (Mandy Moore)—was very different on paper before he was cast on the NBC drama. Specifically, Huertas shared that the character was originally named Mike and was not identified as a Latin American male.

He recalled that he was the only one of color to play the part. “I had come from another chemistry read for another show, A Day at a TimesThe cast members from that show laughed and said, “Oh my God, maybe he is a perfect Mike.”

However, this was not shared with Huertas until after the fact, as he originally thought that he was a “token” person of color to audition for the show. He was, however, proved wrong.

“Not even thirty minutes after I left my meeting room.” Dan [Fogelman], John [Requa]And Ken [Olin]They called me, and they said that Mike was yours if you wanted him. CelebHomes was informed by him. CelebHomes: “What’s so great about this job, is Dan. Isaac AptakerAnd Elizabeth BergerThey were always open to me and let me work together to create Miguel after the casting.