John MayerPaid for private aircraft to transport Bob SagetCelebHomes News learned that he returned his body to California following his death.  

This entry was posted on January 9, 2009. The Full House star died in his hotel room in Orlando, Fla., while on his stand-up comedy tour. Saget’s funeral was held five days later in Los Angeles with many of his famous friends in attendance. Saget was 65 years old.  

Mayer wasn’t content to just finance the flight. Comedian joined us Jeff Ross, the singer also retrieved Saget’s car, which was parked at Los Angeles International Airport. The pair recalled their rock star friend on the way home in an emotional Instagram Live.  

While speaking about Saget and the personal impact he had on Mayer’s life, the singer quickly became emotional. 

He said, “I loved him very much.” He said, “He was a comic before any other thing.” It’s funny, I have heard about a hundred comics over the past few days. He loved to make people smile. No matter your status, it didn’t really matter. Your stature and status didn’t matter. Bob was a rock star without an assistant. Bob was for a long period a single father. His three children, who were amazing and intelligent, are his true family.