21. Rosalie was blonde-haired to portray the role of Rosalie Cullen’s family member Rosalie. Nikki Reed opted to wear a wig for the rest of the series to protect her hair. “My hair fell out,” she revealed to MTV of the damage. The process of making me blonde took 36 hours, while I dyed my head every day. “This time, we’re trying out different types of wigs.”

22. Additional wig troubles: Her hair was cut to make it playable Joan JettIn The RunawaysStewart needed a hair wig to be able to attend the ceremony. EclipseThis one was a big hit and drew a lot of attention. The journey to Breaking Dawn: Part 1., Stewart assured fans she would be rocking her own hair and revealed Summit really didn’t want her to chop her hair in the first place. 

She said, “They are going to hate me because of this, but I was offered lots of ridiculous… Many ridiculous things to do that.” George Lopez2010 In 2010.