Anne BoleynMany times the story of “The Man” has been told, and many different versions.

Natalie PortmanShe was the second wife Henry VIII  The Boleyn Girl Who Was Not There, as did Natalie Dormer  Tudors. Therefore, you can’t be unreasonable in asking how Jodie Turner-SmithIf the AMC+ series portrays a different version of, it is worth checking out. 

But, if you asked Jodie, she would tell you the three-part series is as relevant as ever, making it all the more important to watch during these interesting times.

Episode one sees the Tudor queen as she reels from the loss of her son, who was stillborn. It’s her third pregnancy loss and though she’s married to King Henry, maintaining his interest is of the utmost importance to her survival.

Anne then gets ready and takes a walk across the courtyard in an emotionally charged final scene to remind her husband where his loyalty lies. Her determined walk to the King leaves her blood trail.

In an interview with CelebHomes News, Jodie discussed that scene, saying, “There’s so much pressure on women to just go back out there [after delivering]”