During the interview, Sawyer mentioned her shopping, asking Britney, “Is it an addiction?”

Pop star, who was surprised to hear that “No, I don’t believe it’s an addiction,” replied the pop star. It’s a joy. “It’s not an addictive behavior!”

Britney has not lost this interview despite the fact that it’s been years since then. “Does anyone dare to forget Diane Sawyer interview that I had in my house almost 20 years ago ???”?” “Do we dare forget the Diane Sawyer interview in my apartment almost 20 years ago?” she answered. She said, “What’s the deal with this ‘you’re wrong’ approach?” Oh, and it’s making me cry? But seriously.

Star continued: “She asked me whether I have a problem with shopping!” What was the last time I had a shopping problem? ???”I’ve never gone outside of my house

Britney stated that after the split, she never spoke to anyone. Justin Timberlake, but her manager “made” her talk to Diane about it on live television. 

Britney did not name the manager, however. Larry RudolphShe was her manager from the early ’90s. He resigned from his position earlier in the year after 25 years of marriage. According to him, it was in Britney’s best interests for him to step down as her manager. His professional services were no longer required. CelebHomes News reached out to him for comment.