Kendall Jenner & Odell Beckham Jr. Talk All Things Teeth

It’s been a common sight to see celebrities debate about their bathing habits. Now, Kendall Jenner Odell Beckham Jr. are starting a dental discourse.

The supermodel, 26, and the Los Angeles Rams player, 29, apparently don’t see eye-to-eye on their teeth-brushing routine. In a sitting interview, the pair spoke out about their controversial practices during Kendall’s photo shoot. MoonOdell, now an ambassador and stakeholder.

CelebHomes News exclusive video shows the pair laughing at each other and sharing their differing views on dental hygiene. Odell brush his teeth immediately after he has had a cup of coffee. Kendall, however, prefers to use the toothbrush first before she gets her caffeine fix. This made for sparkling conversation.

I don’t like coffee so tea breath wouldn’t be something. Kendall replies, and the NFL player responds with, “Depends which kind of tea.”

You’re having bad breath because you drink coffee. The Keep Up with the Kardashians alum then asks Odell, who says that he prefers his routine because his breath “doesn’t smell so good in the first place” after waking up. So he only has to brush his teeth once a day.