Lopez admitted that Lopez was nervous but excited about the opportunity to work in New York. It’s something I would not want to do anywhere else.

Was there anything fans could expect from her doctor? The joke was that she would tell fans after seeing the entire thing.

Lopez was supported at the premiere by several celebrity friends, including Lopez. Robert De Niro, Lin-Manuel MirandaAnd Today host Hoda KochCelebHomes News was told by a spokesman for Judith that “There is something magical in this moment in her lifetime.”

Kotb continued, “How many people after they turn 50 go, ‘Okay, well, all my best years are back this way’? It’s her example that I can find great relationships after 50. Your 50th birthday is a great time to have great moments in your professional career. “She reminds us that there are endless possibilities. If you work hard and have an open spirit, then anything is possible.”

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HalbtimePremieres at Netflix, June 14