Millionaires get the opportunity to be billionaires True Hollywood Story treatment.

Tonight’s CelebHomes episode will explore the careers and lives of celebs. Elon Musk, Jay-ZAnd Sara BlakelyThere are many things they have in common. They faced tragedy and adversity, which fuelled their determination to achieve the best.

Jay-Z is perhaps the most well-known of the three business magnates, but as this sneak peek clip proves, he had to face an uphill battle to achieve fame, let alone amass billions.

Michael Eric DysonThe author Jay-Z: Made in America, breaks it all down by first taking us back to 1995, when the rapper “uses nearly a million dollars from street sales up and down the Eastern corridor—from, say, New York, you know, as far as Maryland—to fund Roc-A-Fella Records.”

Jay-Z released his debut album on the label. Reasonable DoubtThe next year. 

Dyson said that it reached 23 in the charts. Jay-Z is Jay-Z.