CelebHomes: Kaci – Can you relate?

Kaci Walfall: Of course! That was very hard for me in the beginning, because I am very hard on myself, still am. I learned that taking time to myself throughout the series will improve my work.

I was also able to have a mentor during the summer. Ciara Renée—In she was DC’s Legends of TomorrowAnd The Flash. She told me the same thing, that that is super duper important. And she made me make a list of five things that I could do on my own that didn’t have anything to do with my phone or anything to do with work.

CelebHomes: Did you know how influential you could be when you signed up for your first time? BatwomanWould it be?

JL: It was a tough audition. It just didn’t seem right to me. Batwoman wasn’t Black. [I thought,]This is very interesting. They didn’t ask for Caucasian actresses. I’ll audition anyway. When I got the job, I was most excited about the fact that I had it. Second, I got excited about “Oh, cool.” It’s a superhero. When the trades came out, it was titled first Black Batwoman. This was the first time that I had put together the piece and realized that it hadn’t been done. So I immediately felt the responsibility. Although I was excited to participate in this adventure that would make a difference, I really enjoy doing what I do best.