Tom is 44 years old and the years provide more insight. He said, “In hindsight I was in excess of my head in many aspects.” “The pressure placed on us both was sometimes overwhelming.”

Charlize was then told by the actor that she needed “a better, possibly more experienced partner in my life,” laughing that “now that i’m older and ugly, I could rise up to that occasion.”

In the book, other cast and crew members also detailed their own experiences witnessing the alleged on-set tension between Charlize and Tom. People involved in film said the couple had two very different approaches to crafting and would often argue about it.

Tom is provocative. Charlize, however, is not. And it was a clash,” first assistant camera Ricky Schamburgdescribed, and actor Richard NortonTom, as he was recalled, would seek justifications for all choreography. Not just the actual actions but also the pre-setup. Charlize’s basic desire is to kill Tom. Let’s do it.