Convincing was the key. Cameron Diaz to come out of retirement for the upcoming Netflix film Action!, co-star Jamie FoxxApproach it with some old-fashioned begging.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “We just begged & pleased on our knees, like, ‘Just give the folks one more time,’” said the actor. Daily Pop. Foxx starred alongside Diaz in the 2014 remake of Annie, her last film before retirement.

“We love her, we’ve been waiting on her,” the Oscar winner continued, “and this is just gonna be fantastic.”

Fans can watch Foxx and a cast of stars in the Netflix movie, until the Hollywood icons reunite. Day ShiftFoxx portrays Bud Jablonski (Foxx), a father looking to make money by hunting vampires.

You would think the wildest thing on set would be the blood-sucking monsters, but the star told Daily PopIt was the music. The 54-year-old explained that she and her best friend Bud had performed “Mowing Down Vipers” at the movie’s L.A. premiere in August. It was a song that we had on repeat every day. People were having great fun.