Warning! Spoilers ahead 

Jamie Campbell Bower is giving very “politician”-like answers after his debut in Stranger Things season four.

The actor made his first appearance in Volume I, in which he plays an orderly who befriends Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown() While she is in Hawkins Laboratory. Episode seven reveals that he’s Henry Creel a.k.a. The mysterious One, who inspired Dr. Brenner’s powers (episode seven).Matthew ModineTo launch Eleven, you can click here. 

Creel was also transformed into the evil Vecna after Eleven exiled him. He has been terrorizing Hawkins teens ever since that fateful encounter and is now strong in the Upside Down.

The pressure was high from the moment Bower auditioned to the role.

He said Entertainment WeeklyBecause he wanted to understand Henry, he wrote a book detailing his story. He later shared it with the creators. Matt  Ross DufferDuring the audition. The auditionees were astonished to hear, “Have your read the script?” It is absolutely perfect,” he recalled. They ran off to the backroom where they wrote in the house and returned with amazing 3D renderings.