Rhaenyra isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty.

Yes, indeed, she was played by Emma D’Arcy Milly Alcock, in the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, but that doesn’t mean their character Rhaenyra is a damsel in distress. Rhaenyra actually looks very similar. Maisie Williams‘ tomboy character Arya Stark. Milly said that both of them are women who behave differently than they should. Entertainment Weekly. She is a cheeky and rebellious spirit, which is what I think people love about her.

Emma claims Rhaenyra has a “problem with masculinity”, as Rhaenyra equates freedom to it. Rhaenyra doesn’t like the nickname “Realm’s Delight”, which she was assigned by Westeros because it “implies passivity and being an object for people’s ogling.”

Rhaenyra can be more than a princess. Closed doors reveal that the character is able to ride dragons, and participate in activities usually reserved for men.