While the actor made a brief voice cameo as Anakin in the 2019 sequel Skywalkers RiseObi-Wan Kenobi Hayden has stepped back in the character for the first time since 17 years. 

There were also some amazing new discoveries like watching the reactions of people who saw Darth Vader live on-screen. 

“You can sort of see the difference in their demeanor,” he said. “People who are normally very confident can become slightly more shy and nervous,” he joked. It is great fun. 

He said, “It is an incredible costume to be able to put on.” It is an honour to be able to put it on.” 

While the actor remained tight-lipped about what exactly went down in the finale of the Disney+ series, which came to a dramatic close on June 22, Hayden did reveal that there was one scene that was a pleasure to film with his longtime co-star Ewan McGregor.  

He said, “There was an extremely emotional confrontation between Obi Wan and Vader. It was a great privilege to film with Ewan.” He is a man I love to the core. 

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